G Star Technologies Counter-top LED Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector & ID Checker Machine

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  • ★Counterfeit Detection★ This Machine Utilizes Blue LED Ultraviolet Light Checks UV Sensitive Strips and Markings on Currencies And ID cards
  • ★Multiple Applications★ This Machine Can Be Used to Check on Currency Notes, Government Issued ID Cards, Passports and Credit Cards That Contains Ultraviolet Marks
  • ★Easy to Use★ This Detector Comes Equipped with US Currency Chart To Help Show Position of The Strip Mark on Different Currency Notes
  • ★Light Weight and Portable★ Powered by USB (Cable Included),This Machine is very light weight and Compact in Size And Weights (7" X 4" X 3.25", 9.6 oz)
  • ★Energy Efficient★ Unlike other Detectors that use conventional bulb, This machine Uses a 3W LED Light that is Extremely Energy Efficient




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